Central Asia Education Platform Project Database

Welcome to the Central Asia Education Platform (CAEP) Project Database, the portal for Central Asian education sector projects focusing on Vocational Education and Training (VET) and Higher Education (HE).

The CAEP Project Database as part of the “mapping and communication” component has to “carry out and regularly update a mapping of programs and projects in the education sector that are financed by Central Asian governments and major donors (EU, EU member states, and other international donors).” (CAEP Project´s Terms of Reference, page 13).

The database is the first concrete product of a broader communication strategy. It will be embedded in a system of further communication tools to be developed at a later stage (website, e-publications, etc.).

The database has to:ca_zemlje

  • inform on completed, on-going and planned projects in VET and HE in CA,
  • encourage interaction between users through the provision of links (project management and implementation teams and/or experts)
  • as well as the dialogue between users and the CAEP project team via an administrator.

The database aims at facilitating the political dialogue and at contributing to better donor coordination in the education sector.

Full contact details of project teams are provided for further dialogue and learning processes.