Support to the Vocational and Educational Training in Tajikistan – Phase II

Описание проекта

Название проекта Support to the Vocational and Educational Training in Tajikistan – Phase II
Идентификационный номер проекта # 7451
Страна Таджикистан
Общая стоимость проекта(евро) 500 001 - 1 000 000
Дата начала и дата завершения реализации проекта Январь 1, 2008—Декабрь 31, 2009
Статус проекта Закрыт

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- DVV International (Germany)
- British Council

Контактное лицо / руководитель группы / рабочая группа проекта

Coordinator: Wolfgang Hellwig, E-mail:
Team leader: Uwe Gartenschlaeger; Anita Jakobsone

Бенефициар Ministry of Education

Краткая характеристика, цели и результаты проекта

Краткая характеристика проекта

The overall objective of the project was to modernise the initial vocational education and training (VET) system of the country so as to make it adaptable to the present and future requirements of the economy and the needs of the learners.

Цели проекта

Specific Objectives

  • Build up the institutional capacity of the MoE and other national stakeholders in order to develop and implement a policy and strategy framework for vocational education and training, based on partnership and ensuring the link between training provision and economic development.
  • Enhance the institutional capacity to design and implement modernised curricula in the field of initial VET through piloting activities and training to key staff of the MoE, professional institutions at national level and vocational schools.
сектор образования ПОО (НПОО и ППОО)
Компоненты образовательного процесса Консультации по вопросам образовательной политики и ее разработка, Разработка стандартов и учебных программ, Подготовка учителей/преподавателей
Профессиональная область Строительство и геодезия, Электромашиностроение и информационные технологии, Лесное хозяйство и обработка древесины
Целевые группы Politicians/decision-makers in economics, labour, employment & education policy, Лица, принимающие решения, и управляющие в учреждениях ПОО и ВО, Лекторы, учителя, инструкторы, преподаватели
Связанные проекты

Central Asian Education Platform (CAEP)

Support to VET Reform in Tajikistan

Виды деятельности

— Support to the “National action plan for reform of initial vocational education and training system in the Republic of Tajikistan for 2006-2015″.
— Development of a national VET policy and strategy for secondary VET and continuing/adult training
— Institutional strengthening and capacity building
— Modernisation of VET curricula
— Teacher training and train the trainer programmes
— Training of staff of the Republican Methodological Centre and of the Research Pedagogical Institute (subject: new curricula)
— Preparation and implementation of a communication strategy to raise public awareness of the VET reform process and project results
— Development of pilot teaching material for key modules/subjects of the new curricula
— Donor coordination

Результаты проекта

The first component “Policy advice” will support the Ministry of Education to define the major reform tasks for the system of initial vocational educational, based on the National Action Plan for VET-reform, accepted by the government. Together with our Tajik partner, we will work mainly on two issues:

— To include the Initial Vocational education into the overall educational system,
— To bring the system nearer to the needs of the population, including adults and the labor market.

The second component wants to design and implement at least four curricula in selected occupations based on modern curriculum development approaches.

The curricula will be tested during the second year of the project at several VET-schools in different areas of Tajikistan. A series of trainings for teachers and an equipment component will support this process.

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