Senior Secondary Education in Uzbekistan

Описание проекта

Название проекта Senior Secondary Education in Uzbekistan
Идентификационный номер проекта 33137-013
Страна Узбекистан
Общая стоимость проекта(евро) Более 4 000 000
Дата начала и дата завершения реализации проекта Февраль 1, 2001—Ноябрь 3, 2007
Статус проекта Закрыт

Финансирующие и исполняющие организации

Источник финансирования Азиатский банк развития (АБР)
Бюджет проекта(евро) 42,157
Исполняющая организация / консорциумИсполняющая организация / консорциум

- Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan
- Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education (MHSSE)
- The Center for Secondary Specialized Professional (Vocational) Education (CSSVE)

Контактное лицо / руководитель группы / рабочая группа проекта


Бенефициар MHSSE

Краткая характеристика, цели и результаты проекта

Краткая характеристика проекта

In the year 2000, almost half the population of Uzbekistan was under 20 years old. It was therefore of importance for Uzbekistan to develop the human resources necessary for the transition toward a market-oriented economy, especially to foster the younger generation, which accounted for the greater part of the population, in order to proceed with the smooth transition to such an economy type. The development of a Senior Secondary Education (SSE) system was urgently needed. Particularly, development and enhancement of the Professional College (PC) system, which was one of the highest priority issues in the education sector of Uzbekistan.

Цели проекта

Immediate objectives of the Project are:

(i) to support implementation and refinement of the new SSE curriculum,

(ii) to develop effective management and teaching staff,

(iii) to develop domestic capacity for teaching materials production and acquisition, and

(iv) to foster cost-effective planning, management and policy development for SSE.

сектор образования ПОО (НПОО и ППОО)
Компоненты образовательного процесса Управление в сфере образования, Институциональное укрепление и наращивание потенциала, Учебные и образовательные технологии (средства), Подготовка учителей/преподавателей
Профессиональная область Не предусмотрено
Целевые группы Politicians/decision-makers in economics, labour, employment & education policy, Лекторы, учителя, инструкторы, преподаватели, Учебные заведения (государственные и частные)
Связанные проекты

Vocational Education and Training in the Construction Sector

Vocational Education Promotion Programme

Виды деятельности

The project had four components: (i) development of 45 model schools; (ii) school director and teacher development; (iii) development of instructional materials; (iv) subsector planning, management, and policy development.

In-country training for directors and instructors: In response to the demand growth for training from non model PCs, additional training for directors and instructors of non model PCs was provided.

Capacity training for staff in executing agencies: Since the importance of training for monitoring and evaluation experts in executing agencies was recognized, the number of trainees was increased. All expenses were within a specified budget.

Результаты проекта

The following outputs were achieved:

(a) Establishment of 45 model secondary high schools. The Project successfully rehabilitated schools and provided educational equipment.

(b) Capacity development of school directors and teachers. The Project helped to develop a teacher in-service training master plan and teacher training courses.

(c) Creation of instructional materials. Two hundred writers and potential writers were trained in 120 general and 80 specialized subjects during a series of central and regional workshops.

(d) Subsector planning, management, and policy development. Sixteen CSSE staff members participated in management training provided by the Project.

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