Promotion of SME in Tajikistan (Phase I and II)

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Название проекта Promotion of SME in Tajikistan (Phase I and II)
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Страна Таджикистан
Общая стоимость проекта() 2 000 001 - 4 000 000
Дата начала и дата завершения реализации проекта Декабрь 1, 2006—Декабрь 31, 2011
Статус проекта Закрыт

Финансирующие и исполняющие организации

Источник финансирования GIZ (GTZ)
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Исполняющая организация / консорциумИсполняющая организация / консорциум

> CAIC Consulting
- AFC Consultants (Germany)
- ADG (Germany)

Контактное лицо / руководитель группы / рабочая группа проекта
Бенефициар Direct beneficiaries: Associations of SMEs, Project Partner: Ministry for Economy and Trade

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Краткая характеристика проекта

Improvement of the business environment for SME development On macro-level: consultations for the decision-makers of Central Asian and national levels in private development; identification of needs of the private sector and formulation of supply responding these needs; On mezzo-level: 1) Support to SME promoting organizations and associations for further improvement and enhancement of their services including training services to respond the growing and fast changing demand of the private sector in professional human capital; 2) Capacity building of SME developing organizations and associations so that they can provide ToT trainings and consultations to other stakeholders. On micro-level: the entrepreneurs will have access to demand- oriented supplies of information and trainings and professional development. The enterprises will have a professional and technically trained staff Target group of the Project are entrepreneurs, enterprises in specific branches and value added chains as well as employees, preferably from the industry, handicraft and service sector. Intermediaries within the supporting process for the target group are associations, institutions for the promotion of the economy, chambers and private as well as public suppliers of services.

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— Identification of promotion approaches and industries for the project work;
— Analysis and promotion of value added chains;
— Use of economy promoting instruments (as technology-incubator, PACA, setting up business fairs, conformance assessment, consulting market / BDS, industry zones, international support programs);
— Product design and differentiation in the food industry, HACCP, eco-certification, wood processing industry, resource economics, environment standards;
— Economic advice (promotion of SMEs).
— Methodical approaches used in the project:
— Consultations;
— Professional development activities (conferences, seminars, Round tables and Working groups);
— Project will provide local grants in order to raise competitiveness and information dissemination (contests, benchmarking and etc.).

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