National Testing Center in Tajikistan

Описание проекта

Название проекта National Testing Center in Tajikistan
Идентификационный номер проекта P097176
Страна Таджикистан
Общая стоимость проекта(евро) 500 001 - 1 000 000
Дата начала и дата завершения реализации проекта Март 5, 2013—Октябрь 12, 2014
Статус проекта Закрыт

Финансирующие и исполняющие организации

Источник финансирования Всемирный банк
Бюджет проекта(евро) 930,000
Исполняющая организация / консорциумИсполняющая организация / консорциум

National Testing Center

Контактное лицо / руководитель группы / рабочая группа проекта

Project Coordinator: S. Safarov

All activities were coordinated and supported by David Hawker, international consultant, and a group of experts from Anglia Assessment Ltd.

• Algirdas Zabulionis: General planning, plenary sessions, working group for mathematics

• Kestutis Bredelis: Working group for native language

• Evaldas Bakonis: Working group for history

• George Bettel: Working group for chemistry, physics, geography, and biology

• Mr. Jeffrey Stanford: Working groups for foreign languages (English, German and French)


Краткая характеристика, цели и результаты проекта

Краткая характеристика проекта

The main goals of the National Testing Center (NTC) will be to administer reliable and valid forms of assessment including: University admission tests, summative assessments at selected grade levels, and sample-based assessments. These tests will be used to support the MoE’s goal of improving the quality of teaching and learning and introducing more equitable mechanisms in the entrance to universities. In terms of funding, it was agreed that donors and the state budget would provide funding for the NTC establishment and its operations during the first 4 years on sliding scale basis.

Цели проекта

The objective of the NTC is to institutionalize fair and transparent assessments that will be used for improving learning outcomes and addressing issues of equity.

— To assist the National Testing Center in developing the capacity of teams of item writers, experts who have much needed scientific and methodological backgrounds for involvement in development of check lists for tests on school program subjects and who can provide informational, technical, and analytical support to the NTC;

— Information campaigns to prepare the community to accept the centralized testing system as a means for objectively assessing student knowledge and one which corresponds to the principles of openness and transparency of the examination process.

сектор образования ВО
Компоненты образовательного процесса Экспертиза, сертификация и аккредитация, Обеспечение качества, Разработка стандартов и учебных программ, Подготовка учителей/преподавателей
Профессиональная область Не предусмотрено
Целевые группы Учащиеся (ученые, студенты, ученики и т. д.), Лекторы, учителя, инструкторы, преподаватели
Связанные проекты

National Quality Education Program

Виды деятельности

• Discuss the introduction of a unified system of examinations for admission to higher educational institutions, testing system implementation policy, test form and structure, and the use of test results by tertiary institutions; test administration; technical equipment; the subject content of tests; awareness campaigns; and school interventions

• Assist NTC management in planning of NTC activities

• Develop training programs for the working groups, the developers of tests and examination programs

Результаты проекта

• The activities contributed to the development of the qualification, skills and knowledge of NTC staff and test developers, and the motivation of all stakeholders to achieve effectiveness at every stage of project implementation.

• The tests developed have dual pedagogical objectives – the promotion of good and effective learning and simultaneously serving as measurement tools.

• The characteristics of the test measurement can be understood using the most widely used theory, “the classic theory of tests,” which is based on scientific principles and statistical models.

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