Capacity Building for Business Education

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Название проекта Capacity Building for Business Education
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Страна Узбекистан
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Дата начала и дата завершения реализации проекта Ноябрь 17, 2006—Март 31, 2009
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UNDP, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan, International Business School

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Project address: 1, Fedorov street

Tel.:(998) 71 1357927
Fax:(998) 71 1353640
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Ms. Marina Ten, Head of Resource Management Unit/Learning Manager


Краткая характеристика, цели и результаты проекта

Краткая характеристика проекта

Improvements in the relevance and the quality of education are critical to Uzbekistan’s transition to a market economy and democratization. A better educated population has more chances for engaging in lifelong learning, and can participate more effectively in the economic and social spheres of the country. However, the Soviet model of education, which emphasized a high number of compulsory subjects in general education and highly specialized programs in technical and higher education, is no longer consistent with the need for greater flexibility required in a modern market economy.

Цели проекта

Taking into account the importance of business education improvement for sustainable development of the private sector that directly corresponds with higher economic growth rates and poverty reduction, the Project sets the objectives to strengthen institutional capacities of the International Business School “Kelajak Ilmi”.

The growing demand for its services and graduates’ job placement illustrates, that the school is able to effectively adapt its curriculum to the evolving market needs. It is expected that a success of this type of private business school may provide a useful model for future replication.

сектор образования ПОО (НПОО и ППОО)
Компоненты образовательного процесса Управление в сфере образования, Консультации по вопросам образовательной политики и ее разработка, Подготовка учителей/преподавателей
Профессиональная область Не предусмотрено
Целевые группы Лекторы, учителя, инструкторы, преподаватели, Учебные заведения (государственные и частные)
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Виды деятельности

-Support to the scholarship program

-Curriculum development

-Access to information resources

Результаты проекта

The final project output: Business education capacities are strengthened to contribute more effectively to sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction.

1. Support to the scholarship program will be provided through relevant funding for the gifted and financially vulnerable students.

2. Curriculum will be improved further to accommodate its growing demand for practical business courses/materials/case studies.

3. Access to information resources will be increased, specially in the area of international best practices in MBA education for students and professors.

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