B-Brussels: ICI — European Higher Education Fairs in Central Asia and Asia

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Название проекта B-Brussels: ICI — European Higher Education Fairs in Central Asia and Asia
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Страна Казахстан Кыргызская Республика Таджикистан Туркменис Узбекистан
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Дата начала и дата завершения реализации проекта Январь 13, 2014—Январь 12, 2017
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Источник финансирования Европейский союз
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• IBF (Belgium)
• SICI Dominus (lead firm)
• B&S Europe SA

Контактное лицо / руководитель группы / рабочая группа проекта

Dr Stephen Webber, Team Leader and Senior Expert in Higher Education Policy and Cooperation

European Higher Education Fairs in Central Asia and Asia Project

S.I.C.I. Dominus Consortium

email: Stephen.webber@sicidominus.com

Website: www.ehef.asia

By email: info@ehef.asia

By phone: +32(0)28280017

By Skype: ehef.asia


Краткая характеристика, цели и результаты проекта

Краткая характеристика проекта

Universities in the EU and elsewhere are vigorously marketing their courses overseas and adapting curricula to meet their demand.

Interest in developing international academic cooperation between faculties, institutions and networks is also growing and many developed country universities are establishing branches in Asia and Central Asia and/or entering into joint-venture activities with Asian and Central Asia partners.

The first European Higher Education Fair in Asia funded by the European Commission was held in Bangkok, Thailand, in 2004. «Fairs» are promotional activities which could range from traditional fairs to travelling road shows including a combination of both.

Other fairs took place in China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and other countries. The fairs enabled EU national representations and their higher education institutions to inform potential students, their advisors and sponsors about study opportunities in Europe.

The overall objective of the project is to promote European higher education to students and academic staff in Asia and Central Asia and to coordinate activities between European and third country higher education institutions.

Цели проекта
сектор образования ВО
Компоненты образовательного процесса Управление в сфере образования, Консультации по вопросам образовательной политики и ее разработка, Экспертиза, сертификация и аккредитация, Институциональное укрепление и наращивание потенциала, Студенческая мобильность и обмен, Обеспечение качества, Социальное партнерство, Разработка стандартов и учебных программ
Профессиональная область Не предусмотрено
Целевые группы Politicians/decision-makers in economics, labour, employment & education policy, Лица, принимающие решения, и управляющие в учреждениях ПОО и ВО, Работодатели и организации работодателей, Учащиеся (ученые, студенты, ученики и т. д.), Лекторы, учителя, инструкторы, преподаватели, Органы стандартизации, сертификации, аккредитации, Учебные заведения (государственные и частные)
Связанные проекты
Виды деятельности

The purpose of the project is to organise higher education fairs in Asia, in particular Central Asia, to provide information on opportunities for studying in Europe and cooperation activities between European and third country higher education institutions.

The result to be achieved is the organisation of at least five higher education fairs in Central Asia (one fair minimum) and Asia (four fairs minimum) in the period 2014 to 2016.

The geographical area to be covered is Asia and Central Asia as indicated in the amended Instrument for Cooperation with industrialised countries and other high-income countries and territories.

Результаты проекта

Provision of all related and necessary support, ranging from the identification (design of the fairs: themes, venue, timing, participants, visibility/communication strategy, budget), implementation (logistic), follow-up (reference documents, quality monitoring, dissemination of results). This includes:

  • Identification of a location which is easily accessible,
  • Preparation of detailed EHEF programme with application dates and detailed organisational notes,
  • Preparation of higher education institutions’ selection and eligibility criteria for fairs, and possibly on a EHEF theme and key note speakers,
  • Preparation of selection process for other bodies (civil society, private sector, national authorities, embassies),
  • Booking venues and related services, hotels and travels,
  • Setting up, if appropriate, workshops on issues as network development, cross-cultural and international collaboration,
  • identifying regional programmes of common interest and suggesting new forms of collaboration,
  • strengthening of university-industry relations, distance education management and new uses of IT in education, learning mobility recognition,
  • Implementation of visibility and communication strategy,
  • Liaison with the corporate sector which can be involved through sponsorships.

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