Technology Commercialization Project

Project Overview

Project Title Technology Commercialization Project
Project Number P090695
Country Kazakhstan
Overall Project Value(USD) More than 4 000 000
Project Start – Project End January 15, 2008–December 31, 2015
Project Status Closed

Funding and Implementing Organizations

Origin of Funding World Bank
Project Budget(USD) 75.000.000
Implementing Organization / Consortium

Not Assigned

Contact / Team Leader / Project Team
  • Cyril E. Muller (Regional Vice President),
  • Francis Ato Brown (Country manager),
  • Anabel Gonzalez (Senior global practice director),
  • Lisa Kaestner (Practice manager),
  • Karen Grigorian (Project team leader),
  • Yeraly Beksultan (Project team leader),
  • Asta Bareisaite (ICR team leader).
Beneficiary Ministry of Education and Science on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Project Summary, Objectives and Results

Project Summary

The project main goal is to demonstrate a substantially improved science-based approach and strengthening of commercial relevance of the research performed by scientists in various fields, for further commercialization in the market; to ensure linking the Kazakhstan’s science to the domestic economy sector, the international academic community, and global markets through establishment of a pilot technology commercialization center. The project’s long-term goal is to stimulate reformation of the existing R&D base.

If the project is successful, in future five to ten years Kazakhstan will develop a new, competitive, interdisciplinary, problem-oriented model of financing highly appreciated by international experts and economically relevant to the high level of the academic research activities. The science in Kazakhstan will be more closely connected with domestic and foreign industrial enterprises. The scientific institutes supported under the project will get up to a third of their income from implementation of contracts with private enterprises or other competitive sources of financing. Research and development activities will be performed in close cooperation with the international academic community and on an interdisciplinary, problem-oriented basis. Finally, the new generation of young and talented scientists will conduct their research activities in Kazakhstan at the state-of-the-art research laboratories supported within the framework of the project under the guidance and supervision of the distinguished Kazakhstani and international scientists.

Project Objectives
  • To improve scientific performance of interdisciplinary teams of scientists selected through a transparent competitive process.
  • To improve commercial relevance of research performed by interdisciplinary teams of scientists selected through a transparent competitive process.
Education Sector HE, VET (IVET & CVET)
Components of the Education Process Career planning, Education Management, Education Policy Advice & Development, Institutional strengthening & capacity building, Quality assurance, Social Partnership, Standards and curriculum development, Teaching and learning technologies (arrangements)
Occupational Field Not applicable
Target Groups Politicians/decision-makers in economics, labour, employment & education policy, Decision-makers and managers in VET and HE institutions, Developers of standards, programs, curricula etc., Employers and employer organisations, Learners (scholar, student, apprentice etc.), Lecturers, teachers, instructors, trainers
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Component 1: Strengthening the Scientific Base

Identifying and developing leading scientists and talented young researchers to conduct R&D at international standards through (a) the establishment of an International Science and Commercialization Board (ISCB) and an internationally peer-reviewed journal; (b) an SSG grant program and a JRG grant program; and (c) the establishment of the IMSC.


Component 2: Linking Science to Business

Provision of technical assistance for the development of expertise required to link science more closely to domestic and international markets through (a) the establishment of a TCO to provide a range of technology commercialization services, including the development of a technology commercialization strategy, and the development of targeted training programs in foreign languages, business planning, and communication; (b) undertaking a technology audit to inform policy makers and scientists about innovation assets and to compile a knowledge mapdatabase for the marketing of technology; (c) a review of legal and regulatory provisions, structures, and incentives related to technology commercialization, industrial innovation, venture capital and financing, and intellectual property (IP); and (d) conducting a market assessment to complete design and administration of a range of borrower-financed grant programs.


Component 3: Project Management Unit

Program management support through the establishment of the project management unit (PMU) for project coordination, implementation, and management.

Project Results
  • International and Commercialization Board (ISCB) established
  • Senior Scientist Group and Junior Researcher Groups (SSGs and JRGs) established
  • International Materials Science (IMSC) established
  • Internationally peer-reviewed journal established
  • Technology Commercialization Office established
  • Technology audits and forecasting completed
  • Policy, legal, and regulatory framework completed
  • Grant Programs designed and implemented

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