Support to Modernization of the Education System in Turkmenistan

Project Overview

Project Title Support to Modernization of the Education System in Turkmenistan
Project Number EuropeAid/127513/C/SER/TM
Country Turkmenistan
Overall Project Value(EUR) 1 000 001 - 2 000 000
Project Start – Project End January 1, 2010–May 1, 2012
Project Status Closed

Funding and Implementing Organizations

Origin of Funding European Union
Project Budget(EUR) 1359050
Implementing Organization / Consortium

- IBF International, Belgium
- University of Jyvascala, Finland

Contact / Team Leader / Project Team

Vaclav Klenha, Team Leader,
Support to Modernization of the Education System in Turkmenistan
c/o National Institute of Education
Oguzkhan str., 13, 744000 Ashgabat Turkmenistan
Tel./Fax: (+99312) 496 242, Mob.: (+99364) 612 329

Beneficiary Ministry of Education

Project Summary, Objectives and Results

Project Summary

The overall objective is to promote the development of human capital relevant for a modern society integrated into the world economy by contributing to the modernization of the general secondary education system and bringing it closer to international recognition.

The project will promote development of a policy for equal access to education and training opportunities for all.

Project Objectives

The purposes are:

– To prepare a midterm strategy on education and training system;
– Reviewing the content of education and training programs with a focus on the skills and knowledge and competences required in a modern society and economy;
– Strengthen the quality of education by upgrading of knowledge and skills of staff of education and training establishments including managers, teachers and trainers;
– To support development of quality assurance approach addressing the main issues of quality at all levels of the education system.

Education Sector HE, VET (IVET & CVET)
Components of the Education Process Education Management, Education Policy Advice & Development, Standards and curriculum development, Training of teachers / trainers
Occupational Field Sociology, Psychology, Educational Science
Target Groups Decision-makers and managers in VET and HE institutions, Developers of standards, programs, curricula etc.
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Component 1
Modernization of strategy for the education and training system: overview of the whole educations system and specific and detailed analyses of the general secondary education system; strategy and action planned developed for the modernization of the education and training system.

Component 2
Content of education and training: content of education, curricula learning and teaching materials, policies for introduction of new technologies in education and classifiers and standards set for education and training programs reviewed and recommendations provided; curriculum development methodology revised; pilot initiatives conducted on innovative approaches in pilot schools and results measured.

Component 3
Education and training sector staff development: Education staff training and development needs reviewed; In-service and pre-service teacher training systems analyzed and recommendations provided; Proposal for modernized teaching and learning approaches provided; Pilot test conducted on education staff and teacher training approaches according to outcome of components 1 and 2, and number of trainers trained for further implementation of teacher training and education sector staff training activities.

Component 4
Development of a quality assurance approach: Recommendations provided for a quality assurance approach for all levels of the education and training system.

Project Results

Main results achieved by the project:

· Improved capacity of national stakeholders to act towards modernised education

· Comparative analyses and the Roadmap of modernising secondary education in Turkmenistan

· Proposals for implementing innovative approaches in education and active learning methodology as well as modernised language teaching tested in seven pilot schools

· Recommendations for quality assurance in secondary education provided

· 581 teachers and other education staff trained in innovative approaches in education and modern methods of learning

· 75 trainers trained for further curriculum development and active learning methodology

· Methodological materials for teachers and trainers on curriculum and textbooks development and active learning methods developed.

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