Skills and Entrepreneurship Development

Project Overview

Project Title Skills and Entrepreneurship Development
Project Number 30315-013
Country Kyrgyzstan
Overall Project Value(EUR) More than 4 000 000
Project Start – Project End November 28, 2000–December 31, 2005
Project Status Closed

Funding and Implementing Organizations

Origin of Funding Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Project Budget(EUR) 23,078,426
Implementing Organization / Consortium

Ministry of Labor and Social Protection (MLSP)

Contact / Team Leader / Project Team
Beneficiary students and graduates of the formal PVE system, new entrepreneurs developed by the project facilities

Project Summary, Objectives and Results

Project Summary

The government of Kyrgyzstan is faced with the immediate problems of increasing poverty and unemployment, and the medium- and long-term concern of how to prepare the labor force for eventual economic recovery. ADB has already assisted the Government with a technical assistance grant to formulate a master plan for the education sector, followed by the Education Sector Development Program that addressed reforms and investment mainly in basic education.

Project Objectives

The overall goal of the project was to improve the capability of the general population to obtain and maintain better means of livelihood through employment and self-employment, with particular attention to the inclusion of socially and economically disadvantaged groups. To achieve this, the project aims to:

(i) provide more relevant and higher quality primary vocational education (PVE) programs, and reorient the PVE system to improve its efficiency and sustainability, as well as its outreach to disadvantaged groups;

(ii) strengthen entrepreneurship development both within and outside the PVE system;

(iii) strengthen support institutions for PVE and entrepreneurship development and support for project implementation. The Project aims to improve public-private partnerships in these areas, involving Government, private business, industry, non-govermental organizations (NGOs), and civil society.

Education Sector VET (IVET & CVET)
Components of the Education Process Education Management, Education Policy Advice & Development, Institutional strengthening & capacity building, Standards and curriculum development
Occupational Field Not applicable
Target Groups Decision-makers and managers in VET and HE institutions, Developers of standards, programs, curricula etc., Learners (scholar, student, apprentice etc.), Lecturers, teachers, instructors, trainers, Standardisation, Certification, Accreditation Bodies
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The Project had the following components:

(i) reorientation of the PVE system to address the issues of quality and relevance of PVE programs, the ability of the PVE system to respond to labor market needs, the efficiency and financial sustainability of the PVE system, and equitable access for all segments of the population;

(ii) microentrepreneurship development to address the need for improving entrepreneurship training programs both within and outside the PVE system;

(iii) strengthening of support institutions to address the need for capacity building and institutional strengthening; and establishing accreditation and certification systems, and linkages in the private industry and communities.

Project Results

The Project will improve not only the skills of the country’s economically active segment of the labor force but also the capacity of unemployed and out-ofschool youth and adults to seek livelihood through better skills and entrepreneurship.

This will reduce overall unemployment and provide the country with a better skilled and more productive labor force in support of the Government’s economic transition efforts.

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