Modernization of the Content of Higher Education and Quality Assurance System

Project Overview

Project Title Modernization of the Content of Higher Education and Quality Assurance System
Project Number
Country Kyrgyzstan
Overall Project Value(EUR) 0 - 500 000
Project Start – Project End January 11, 2011–January 11, 2012
Project Status Closed

Funding and Implementing Organizations

Origin of Funding Other
Project Budget(EUR) 71,000
Implementing Organization / Consortium

Education Network Association

Contact / Team Leader / Project Team
Beneficiary Education Network Association

Project Summary, Objectives and Results

Project Summary

Due to the fact that the Kyrgyz Republic is in the process of integration into world educational area within the framework of a variety of projects, it brings a row of significant changes in higher educational system. These circumstances require organizational, technical and financial support with the goal to give institutionalization to discussed topics. Thus, this project is aimed at solving particular goals.

Project Objectives

Within the framework of the project the following goals were put forward:

1. Inclusion of professional society, political and academic leaders and other representatives of opposition of higher educational system in the process of preparation of decisions and development of the strategy for reformation of higher education, initiated by the Ministry of education and science of KR.

2. Support to universities to develop State Educational Standards and study-methodological complexes via involvement of academic and professional society for elaboration of the methodology to reveal competences and development of state educational standards of KR, that implement competence-based approach. The standards were developed for the following field directions: ecology, philology, state municipal management, law, economy, management in education.

3. Carrying out of the analyses and development of proposals to form and implement quality assurance system in higher education, including independent accreditation agencies.

Education Sector HE
Components of the Education Process Education Policy Advice & Development, Quality assurance
Occupational Field
Target Groups Politicians/decision-makers in economics, labour, employment & education policy, Developers of standards, programs, curricula etc., Employers and employer organisations, Learners (scholar, student, apprentice etc.)
Related Projects

Consultations, developments of Study-Methodological Complexes

Project Results

Project of the strategy for reformation of HES

• Analytical materials based on the procedures and results of discussions
• Informational materials (publications, TV shows)
• Analytical material describing qualification frameworks models
• Training materials
• Study-methodological complexes
• Guideline for development of Study-methodological complexes
• Recommendations for edition of: collection of legislative documents regulating application of new standards and study-methodological materials
• National model of quality assurance system of HE
• Analytical material based on the results of discussions
• National model for quality assurance in higher education in KG

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