Madrasah – skills training in rural areas

Project Overview

Project Title Madrasah – skills training in rural areas
Project Number N/A
Country Kyrgyzstan
Overall Project Value(EUR) Not Assigned
Project Start – Project End January 1, 2014–December 31, 2019
Project Status Active

Funding and Implementing Organizations

Origin of Funding Other
Project Budget(EUR) N/A
Implementing Organization / Consortium

• State Commission on Religious Affairs
• Muslim Spiritual Authority of Kyrgyzstan – Muftia
• Regional representatives of the Mufti
• Regional madrasas
• Private training centers
• Theology faculties of the universities (Islam University, Arabaev University etc.)

Contact / Team Leader / Project Team


Beneficiary Government of Kyrgyz Republic

Project Summary, Objectives and Results

Project Summary

Madrasah graduates interested in pursuing secular careers face a significant obstacle. They are unable to attend post-secondary and vocational education because they do not receive a state-recognized diploma. With no option to pursue continued education, madrasah graduates often find themselves unemployed and ill-equipped to compete in the labor market.
On a basic level, madrasah youth often lack the life skills to make thoughtful decisions about their futures, careers, families and finances. On a secondary level, madrasah youth lack the technical skills needed for employment or to create self-employment opportunities.

The mail goal of the project is to provide opportunities for career and personal growth to madrasah students through demanded professional and necessary life skills training.

Project Objectives
  • To improve institutional support for madrasahs expanding their support for secular careers.
  • To ensure that the Private Training Center have the capacity to meet the continued training needs of madrasah students.
  • To better prepare madrasah youth to be independent after graduating.
  • To ensure madrasah graduates have better employment outcomes.
Education Sector HE, VET (IVET & CVET)
Components of the Education Process Career planning, Education Policy Advice & Development, Institutional strengthening & capacity building, Social Partnership
Occupational Field Interdisciplinary Sciences
Target Groups Employers and employer organisations, Learners (scholar, student, apprentice etc.)
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Project Results
  • 14 madrasas from all oblasts of the Kyrgyzstan covered.
  • Developed modules for training courses developed.
  • 14 training courses organized.
  • Equipment for 14 madrasas according to the identified profession provided.
  • For today, 560 students graduated.
  • 65% of the graduates are employed.

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