Accessibility and Harmonization of Higher Education in Central Asia through Curriculum Modernization and Development (ACADEMICA)

Project Overview

Project Title Accessibility and Harmonization of Higher Education in Central Asia through Curriculum Modernization and Development (ACADEMICA)
Project Number Erasmus+ 561553–EPP–1–2015-BG–EPPKA2–CBHE–JP
Country Kazakhstan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan
Overall Project Value(EUR) 500 001 - 1 000 000
Project Start – Project End October 15, 2015–October 14, 2018
Project Status Closed

Funding and Implementing Organizations

Origin of Funding European Union
Project Budget(EUR) 669.414
Implementing Organization / Consortium

• Burgas Free University (Bulgaria)
• Università degli Study Guglielmo Marconi (Italy)
• Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (Spain)
• University of Applied Sciences FH Joanneum (Austria)
• Shokan Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University (Kazakhstan)
• International Information Technology University (Kazakhstan)
• Abay Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University (Kazakhstan)
• Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute (Kazakhstan)
• Kazakhstan Association of Engineering Education
• Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan
• Samarkand Agricultural Institute SAI (Uzbekistan)
• Tashkent University of Information Technologies (Uzbekistan)
• Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan
• Turkmen State Institute of Culture
• Turkmen State Institute of Finances

Contact / Team Leader / Project Team
  • Mariya Monova-Zheleva (project coordinator), +359 56 900 404,
Beneficiary National governments

Project Summary, Objectives and Results

Project Summary

ACADEMICA aims at modernization and improvement of the educational process at Higher Education Institutions in Central Asia, specifically Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, by developing a transnational co-operation system of universities and organizations from the participating countries with a purpose of curricula upgrade, scientific cooperation and knowledge transfer.

The Project is expected to foster the regional cooperation by providing European expertise, guidelines, examples of best practices and recommendations in order to harmonize the University curricula in EU and Central Asia.

ACADEMICA aims to contribute to the modernization and improvement of Higher Education in the field of Engineering Sciences in several countries from Central Asia (Region 7) specifically Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan through convergence with:

  • The European educational standards;
  • The achievements and expertise of EU in the development of modern learning environments;

The good EU practices as well as innovative methodologies for teaching and learning based on contemporary ICT and Open Educational Resources (OERs).

Project Objectives
  • To modernize Higher Education in Engineering Studies in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.
  • To improve the capacity building of human capital through acquisition of transversal and key e-skills and competences for the digital HE era by contributing to the recognition of online learning efforts in business and the HE community through an involvement of business for a feedback about the relevance of the improved curricula.
  • To foster international and cross-sectoral knowledge, expertise and best practice exchange.
Education Sector HE, VET (IVET & CVET)
Components of the Education Process Education Management, Education Policy Advice & Development, Institutional strengthening & capacity building, Quality assurance, Standards and curriculum development, Teaching and learning technologies (arrangements), Training of teachers / trainers
Occupational Field Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Target Groups Politicians/decision-makers in economics, labour, employment & education policy, Developers of standards, programs, curricula etc., Learners (scholar, student, apprentice etc.), Lecturers, teachers, instructors, trainers
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Incorporating the systematic approach, ACADEMICA is divided into 5 coherent work packages (WPs) as follows:

  • WP1 Analysis, Research and Creation of a Common Body of Knowledge – this work package creates a comparative analysis of Higher Education in Engineering Studies. It aims to identify the needs, gaps and aspects for improvement as well as the competences and skills that must be developed in order to improve the capacity of the academic staff in the Partner countries in line with the requirements of the digital education era and the EU educational standards and policies.
  • WP2 ACADEMICA Training Path Development – this work package creates a modern technological educational environment as well as a methodology based on the usage of the advanced ICT based approaches and contents for capacity improvement of the university lectures.
  • WP3 Quality Assurance and Evaluation – this WP involves an internal evaluation of the management process of the Project and the outputs created during its lifetime. The main tasks are: specification of quality indicators, designing of evaluation and monitoring tools and procedures, analyzing and working out corrective actions when necessary.
  • WP4 Dissemination and Exploitation – this work package aims at promoting the Project by giving visibility to ongoing and forthcoming activities and outcomes. It also helps the impact of activities on the target groups to be maximized. Moreover, WP4 is designed to promote the project sustainability as well as to mainstream its successful experiences and best practices.
  • WP5 Project Management – this work package ensures effective and efficient management of all planned activities within the estimated time in order to achieve the expected results in accordance with the available financial resources and rules.
Project Results
  • European educational standards beyond the EU borders acknowledged.
  • Link “education-business-society” fostered.
  • The inter-cultural dialog among the participating countries enhanced.
  • The supply of open free of cost educational resources inspired.
  • A common framework which stimulates the exchange and synthesis of experiences and best practices gained through collaboration of experts in different spheres from the EU and Central Asia provided.

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