Сonflict Mitigation and Peace Building Project

Project Overview

Project Title Сonflict Mitigation and Peace Building Project
Project Number N/A
Country Kyrgyzstan
Overall Project Value(EUR) Not Assigned
Project Start – Project End November 1, 2011–March 31, 2013
Project Status Closed

Funding and Implementing Organizations

Origin of Funding European Union
Project Budget(EUR)
Implementing Organization / Consortium

•ACT Alliance/DanChurchAid
•ACT Alliance/ICCO
•Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED)
•Danish Refugee Council
•HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation - Lead
•International Alert
•Save the Children Netherlands

Contact / Team Leader / Project Team

HELVETAS Programme Office:
7 Liniya Str. house #65, Bishkek, 720044
Tel: +996 (312) 214 572/73/74/75
Fax: +996 (312) 214 578
Email: program@helvetas.kg

Field Office:
Lomonosova str. house #23, Osh, Kyrgyzstan
Tel.: +996 (0) 3222 21625
Fax: +996 (0) 3222 21625
Email: ismail.arapov@helvetas.org

Beneficiary Vulnerable members of communities, women, youth, representatives of small business and civil society

Project Summary, Objectives and Results

Project Summary

Alliance of international nongovernmental organizations-TASK implemented the program “Сonflict mitigation and peace building in Kyrgyzstan”. This program was funded by EU planned for 18 months, lasting from November 2011 to March 2013. The aim of the program was mitigation of sources and factors of conflict and facilitation of durable peace and stability. To achieve this objective the potential of 100 target communities in Kyrgyzstan on conflict mitigation had to be enforced, and additional opportunities for social and economic development for decrease tension and promote common peaceful interests to be enhanced. The program contained several directions which were implemented by members of TASK Alliance with the involvement of local partners-nongovernmental organizations (NGO).

Project Objectives

General objective:
Mitigate the sources and factors of conflicts and promote durable peace and stability in Kyrgyzstan.

Specific objectives:
1. Strengthen community capacity for conflict prevention, mitigation and resolution.
2. Reduce underlying sources of tension and promote shared peaceful interests related to economic and social development opportunities.

Education Sector VET (IVET & CVET)
Components of the Education Process Institutional strengthening & capacity building
Occupational Field Not applicable
Target Groups Learners (scholar, student, apprentice etc.)
Related Projects

Project TASK Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation implemented its activity in Aravan and Kara-Suu rayons of Osh oblast, and in Jalal-Abad town and Bazar-Korgon rayon of Jalal-Abad oblast. TASK Helvetas had two components:
1.Component on Vocational Education;
2.Component on Irrigation.

Project Results

During the first component 4 vocational schools (VS №112 in Aravan and VS №59 in Kara-Suu rayons of Osh oblast, and VS №75 in Jalal-Abad and VS №63 in Bazar-Korgon rayon of Jalal-Abad oblast) and 2 Private training Centers («Bilim-Nuruu» in Kara-Suu and «Logos» in Jalal-Abad) were selected on competition basis.

Those selected beneficiaries supported TASK project in training of 502 youth (boys and girls) from vulnerable families through short term courses. In exchange for their support in training, EU invested into VS/PTC in form of equipment, consumables and provided support in repair of their infrastructure.

Supply of equipment, consumables on 7 selected professions («Driver», «Computer user and office-manager», «Cook-Confectionary», «Sewer», «Gas and electric welder», «Electric», «Hairdresser») has been completed and planned objects of all VS/PTC are fully completed.

Within the period from June 1 to November 30, 2012 exclusively on the EU program 502 students were trained (198 male and 304 female) in short term courses of the above mentioned 6 beneficiaries of the TASK project.

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