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  1. Support to the Education Sector in Turkmenistan
  2. CAEP 2: Central Asia Education Platform – Phase 2 (CAEP 2)
  3. Strengthening Education System Sector Development Program (SPD)
  4. Science, Technology, Education Standards Development
  5. TUCAHEA: Towards a Central Asian Higher Education Area: Tuning Structures and Building Quality Culture
  6. QUADRIGA: Qualification Frameworks in Central Asia: Bologna-Based Principles and Regional Coordination
  7. Development of national capacities to support countries with National EFA 2015 Reviews in Uzbekistan
  8. Promotion of Community-based Non-formal Education for Adults Functional Literacy in KAZ and KYG
  9. Social Partnership in Education and Training in Uzbekistan
  10. Review of the Sector Policy Support Programme in Education Sector of the Kyrgyz Republic
  11. Support to the Education Sector in the Kyrgyz Republic
  12. Central Asia Countries – Japan Center for Human Development Projects
  13. University of Central Asia (UCA)
  14. Public Finance Management Modernisation Project
  15. Poverty Alleviation in Tajikistan through Education and Non-formal Training
  16. Сonflict Mitigation and Peace Building Project
  17. Сapacity Building for Sustainable Agriculture to Benefit Smallholder Farmers in Kyrgyzstan
  18. Vocational Training in the Construction Sector in Central Asia
  19. Reform of Educational Systems in Central Asia
  20. Introduction of Human Development Course at Kazakhstan Universities
  21. Promoting Employment and Innovations in Kazakhstan
  22. School Development towards Flexible Community Learning Centres
  23. DCI – Skills Development for Poverty Reduction (SDPR)
  24. Russia Education Aid for Development Project (READ)
  25. Central Asia Education Cooperation Network (CAEN)
  26. Subregional Cooperation in Managing Education Reforms
  27. Interim Review of the Senior Secondary Education System
  28. Skills and Entrepreneurship Development
  29. Vocational Education and Skills Training Project
  30. Vocational Education and Skills Development
  31. Second Vocational Education and Skills Development Project (VESD II)
  32. Education Sector Development Strategy
  33. Youth Corps Program Kazakhstan
  34. Technical and Vocational Education Modernization (TVEM)
  35. The Manager Training Programme
  36. International Strategic Partnerships in Research and Education (INSPIRE) Kazakhstan
  37. State Programme on Development of Technical and Vocational Education in the Republic of Kazakhstan 2008-2012
  38. Болашак
  39. State Program of Education Development in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011–2020
  40. ETF: Country Project Kazakhstan
  41. Strengthening Social Partnership Development in Vocational and Educational Training in Kyrgyzstan
  42. Inclusive Vocational Education and Training
  43. Ensuring Wider Access to the Primary Vocational Education and Training in Kyrgyzstan
  44. Vocational Training and Employment Promotion
  45. The Skills Training in Rural AReas (STAR)
  46. Vocational Education for Street Children in Kyrgyz Republic
  47. Kyrgyz – Turkish Anatolian Vocational High School
  48. Single Grant Assistance to VET System 1
  49. Single Grant Assistance to VET System 2
  50. Single Grant Assistance to VET System 3
  51. ICT for Development Policy
  52. Facilitating Effective ICT-Pedagogy Integration Project
  53. National Quality Education Program
  54. Scholarship Program in Tajikistan
  55. Fifth Regional Forum: Digital Youth of Central Asia (DYCA 2012)
  56. Second Regional Inter-university Conference on the Training of Professional Teachers
  57. Improving the Quality and Applicability of Education in the Field of Social Work in Tajikistan
  58. Modernization of the Content of Higher Education and Quality Assurance System
  59. Uzbekistan: Education Sector Development Project
  60. National Testing Center in Tajikistan
  61. Professional Education and Vocational Training in Central Asia
  62. E-library of Science Literature
  63. Vocational Education Promotion Programme in Uzbekistan
  64. Improving Stimulation of Teachers’ Creative Activity
  65. Improving Public Sector Management Skills 1
  66. Enhancing the Capacity of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy to Support the Foreign Policy of Uzbekistan
  67. Development of Capacities of the National Human Rights Institutions
  68. Capacity Building for Internet Technologies Development and Promotion Phase 2
  69. Increasing Capacities of Educational and Policy-making Establishments in Promoting and Applying the Human Development
  70. Capacity Building for Business Education
  71. Senior Secondary Education in Uzbekistan
  72. Nursing Education Improvement Project
  73. Education Sector Development Program
  74. Basic Education Textbook Development
  75. Further Improvement of Quality and Relevance of Professional Education in Central Asia/Turkmenistan
  76. Water Management Skills Development Project
  77. Vocational Education and Training in the Construction Sector
  78. Support to Public Finance Management in the Kyrgyz Republic
  79. Support to Kazakhstan’s Education System Reform, Including Gender-Oriented Vocational Education and Training
  80. Support for the Development of the Policy Dialogue and Advice Programme (PDAP) of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  81. Solar Cell Technology Courses for VET and Industry
  82. Social Partnership in Vocational Education and Training (VET) in the Republic of Kazakhstan
  83. Promotion of Vocational Training in Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  84. Promotion of SME in Tajikistan (Phase I and II)
  85. Promotion of Continuing Vocational Education and Training in the Kyrgyz Republic
  86. Support to a Demand-oriented Further Education Network
  87. Modernization and Development of Curricula on Pedagogy and Educational Management in the Central Asian Countries
  88. Organizing and Conducting the Training of Civil Servants
  89. Fighting Impunity and Promoting International Justice
  90. Documentation for Quality Assurance of Study Programmes
  91. Dialogue on Innovative Higher Education Strategies (DIES)
  92. Central Asian Network for Quality Assurance and Accreditation
  93. Сonflict Mitigation and Peace Building Project
  94. Contrary to popular belie
  95. Allied Schools Project
  96. B-Brussels: ICI — European Higher Education Fairs in Central Asia and Asia
  97. TUCAHEA: Towards a Central Asian Higher Education Area: Tuning Structures and Building Quality Culture
  98. The BOTA Foundation: Innovative Asset Return – Tuition Assistance Grants
  99. Support to the Alignment of Technical Regulations and Enhancement of the Quality Infrastructure in Turkmenistan
  100. Support to the formulation of the bilateral programme in education and development of baseline studies in Tajikistan
  101. Access to Professional Education for People with Disabilities in Uzbekistan
  102. Support to VET Reform in Tajikistan
  103. Support to Modernization of the Education System in Turkmenistan
  104. Support to the Monitoring of the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper
  105. Support to the Vocational and Educational Training in Tajikistan – Phase II
  106. Support to Vocational Education and Training (VET) in the Republic of Kazakhstan
  107. Vocational Education and Training in the Construction Sector
  108. Central Asian Education Platform – Phase 1 (CAEP 1)
  109. Strengthening the Comprehensive Development Framework (CDF) Implementation in the Kyrgyz Republic – Phase I and II
  110. Methodology and Capacity For Developing Competence Based Vocational Education and Training Curricula in Kazakhstan
  111. Higher Education Institution Development Strategy in Transition to the Credit Education System